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OS X Maverick -Review By KarisMedia

I used a friend’s Macbook Pro as a guinea pig for the new OS X Maverick, not because I am mean and selfish; [...well just a wee bit -don't judge me], but mainly because she only uses her system for Word processing, Emails, and Netflix, which means she is at no risk of  incompatibility issues like those of you who run demanding programs and DAWs like Protools, Logic, Nuendo, Ableton Live… the list goes on.


OSX Garfield??? – Nah!

This is the first time apple has not named an operating system after a cat (leopard, lion, mountain lion) – I think they ran out, but what about Sea Lion, Cheetah, and Garfield? Let’s stay focused. It looks like Apple has decided to name the new Operating Systems after cities surrounding its hometown, starting with Marverick – a city well known for surfing.  Also for the first time, the upgrade will cost you just about nothing, which is quite debatable based on a few circumstances.

The download itself is FREEEEE!, but i would strongly advise those of you who are interested to do some research before upgrading as this might end up costing you hundreds, or even thousands of dollars more, depending on what you use your Mac for.

Here’s what I mean. Some of the hardware that was earlier supported by previous operating systems are not being supported anymore, with the likes of Protools M-Box2,  some M-Audio stuff, some older Audio interfaces, Web Server Applications, as well as any 32 bit Plugins you might have installed in your system.

As soon as I finished the upgrade process on the guinea pig computer (which takes a little over 5 Gigabytes of your HD space), I realized that the sound cards that once used be recognized by this computer weren’t anymore. I jumped online on a bunch of forums for a little research, and voila, there it was!! – exactly what i was afraid of. I found out that some people are really hurting because of just this one reason – no driver support for their gear, yet. One person in particular had all his clients’ websites down because the “Free” Marverick upgrade did not support his servers, or something of that sort. Sucks!

Just as a precaution, please think hard before you leap if you care about your system working without glitches. Check whether Maverick supports your gear, and if it doesn’t,  just wait up till they upgrade the necessary drivers, otherwise, you will find yourself at the store making unnecessary purchases of new “compatible” hardware.

I hope this blog saves you that trip!

Good Luck!

-OS X Maverick Review by KarisMedia,,

New Logic X Remote for Ipad

Posted: 4th November 2013 by kmedia in Uncategorized

I finally got to test the Logic X remote on my system on the new Ipad Air, and i have to say I am in awe. I found this the most powerful remote of all the DAWs I have used, including Protools, Nuendo, and Digital performer. Apple took their time to upgrade us from Logic 9 but boy did they do an awesome job. This remote is a must have if you are a Logic user, as it takes Logic X to an entirely new dimension. You can navigate the mostly used windows, environments, effects, automation, mixer settings, etc, as well as fully customize the Key Commands to your liking, saving them for quick access on the Ipad. Oh, did I say the App itself is free if running Logic X? Read more here… Logic Remote is an iPad companion app for Logic Pro X and GarageBand on the Mac. Designed to take full advantage of Multi-Touch on iPad, Logic Remote offers new ways to record, mix, and even perform instruments from anywhere in the room, turning your iPad into a keyboard, drum pad, guitar fretboard, mixing board, or transport control.

Play Instruments
• Play any Logic or GarageBand instrument using a familiar piano keyboard or guitar fretboard
• Tap out beats on drum pads or a drum kit
• Use the scale mode to limit notes to fit the key of your song
• Tap and strum entire chords using Chord Strip view
• Make simple or dramatic changes to your sounds with Smart Controls
• Add the Arpeggiator plug-in to any instrument

Navigate your Projects
• Operate basic transport controls like start, stop, record, and cycle
• Swipe the LCD or bar ruler to navigate to any location
• Select and jump to Markers in Logic Pro X
• Control recordings on your Mac from another room
• Browse the Sound Library and remotely change Patches
• Enable Smart Help and hover over interface elements on your Mac to display documentation on your iPad
• Remotely trigger key commands with customizable buttons

Mix Your Logic Sessions
• Use Multi-Touch gestures to adjust Mixer volume, pan, solo, and mute controls
• Swipe to scroll or jump in banks to navigate through Mixer faders
• Use the level meter strip to monitor levels and identify clipping
• Control automation settings for each fader

System Requirements
Compatible with iPad 2 or later and iPad mini. Requires iOS 6 or later and Logic Pro X or GarageBand v10.0

I was a little hesitant about this long awaited update but I have finally caved in and upgraded from Logic Pro 9 to Logic Pro X. Be careful if you do this! Logic Pro X does not recognize 32-bit third party plugins, so you might wanna still keep your older version if you want to still keep using those plugins. You can render them in 9, and import them to X. Everything else seems OK, except, the GUI looks gimmicky to me (Garageband-ish). They changed a few things, and added a new drummer feature a new flex pitch(melodyne) embedded into the program, and kept all the shortcuts the same. The transport bar has been moved from the bottom to the top of the screen, for better real estate of the screen, and I kinda like that too. I am still navigating the program trying to discover new features.

Logic Pro X, New Interface

Logic Pro X upgrade, New Interface

Logic Pro X, New Interface

Logic Pro X, New Interface

For a couple years, Logic Pro has faced a stiff competition from the likes of Pro Tools and Digital Performer, but Apple has stepped it’s game a notch, hoping to bring a few more music professionals back to its camp with a major revision of the software.

Available today for about 2 bills, Logic Pro X brings with it a whole new interface that Apple’s Phil Schiller says is “designed to streamline the process of creating professional quality music,” along with a number of new features. Those include Drummer, which draws on performances of some well-known session players and recording engineers to provide realistic drum tracks, as well as Waves Tune-style pitch editing with Flex Pitch, Track Stacks to collapse multiple tracks or create layered instruments, and the Arpeggiator MIDI plug-in.

Also launching today is the free Logic Remote app for iPad, and a major update to the Main Stage live performance application (it will set you back $30). Additional details can be found in the press release after the break.

I have been using Logic Pro for quite a long time, and I think this update was long overdue. I can’t wait to test drive this new interface. Please share your thoughts, as you Stay tuned for mine about this reborn app.